The Bayou Bird

Hey guys, been on a bit of a haiatus (last post was November of LAST YEAR) but I’m back and plan on posting on a more regular basis from now on! While I haven’t been creating new content per se, I am always updating my Day Drinker Facebook and Twitter accounts with super interesting beer and cocktail articles I discover so make sure to follow along there!

Today for #NationalWatermelonDay, I have a watermelon twist on one of my favorite tiki cocktails, the Jungle Bird. The Jungle Bird combines blackstrap rum, pineapple juice, and Campari for a sweet and bitter drink that’s like nothing else I’ve ever tasted. For my variation, which I will aptly call The Bayou Bird, I swap out the base spirit of rum for blanco tequila and replace the tart pineapple with ripe watermelon. Don’t get hung up on the name, it just sounded right. The refreshing mix of tequila, citrus and super sweet watermelon is tampered by the bite of the Luxardo Bitter Bianco (a clear bitter liqueur that doesn’t use any artifical colors or flavors). If you can’t find Bitter Bianco, Campari is totally fine and you could even sub in Aperol if you wanted to. The choice is yours.


Here’s what you’ll need

The Bayou Bird

  • 2oz blanco tequila
  • 1oz fresh watermelon juice (feel free to throw in some watermelon chunks into your shaker too)
  • 1oz fresh lime juice
  • .75oz Luxardo Bitter Bianco (or Campari)
  • .25oz passionfruit syrup (simple syrup or agave works great too)

Place all ingredients into your tin, shake and strain into a rocks glass on ice. Garnish with a watermelon wedge.

What’s your favorite summer cocktail? Follow me and let me know on TwitterFacebook or Instagram! You can also tag me using #TheDayDrinker. Don’t forget to check out my previous cocktail post below!

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One thought on “The Bayou Bird

  1. Awesome Joey! Can’t wait to try this drink. I hope we can find the bitters, somehow I think we will be ok, Houston is quite the cocktail mecca.
    Hope you are hanging in there Joey…you and your family are in our thoughts and continued prayers. Katie was a sweetheart and a good friend to Katherine she will be in my heart always. Hugs to you!
    And if you and your girlfriend ever want to come stay at our place in Houston we have an open door policy for you! We live in The Heights, it’s totally a young persons beer and cocktail mecca. Larry and I definitely raise the average age anytime we are out!
    Take Care and we love your blog!!!
    Mendy and Larry Oliver
    ps I am serious if you ever want to come here
    Sent from my iPad


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